Updated: 12/19/05


Using AFP on an Apple computer:

1. In the finder menu select the "Go" option.

2. Under the "Go" option select "Connect to Server".

3. Enter and click "Connect".

4. Enter your College of the Arts username and password (lastname#) and click "Connect".

5. From there, navigate to your folder.

Using SFTP from a PC/Windows machine:

Please use CoreFTP light for this process. It's available as a free download from:   http://osusls.osu.edu/upgrades/coreftpwnx.html

1. Launch CoreFTP

2. In the "Site Manager" window change "Site Name" from New_Site to Art-Class-Folders.

3. For "Host / IP / URL" enter

4. Click on the "Advanced" button located next to the "Host/ IP / URL" you entered in step 3.

5. In the "Advanced Site Settings" folder select "Directory/Folder" from the column on the left-side.

6. Under "Remote Start Folder" enter /Volumes/RAID5/Class_Folders/Art/

7. Click "OK" to exit the "Advanced Site Settings" windows.

8. You should now be back to the "Site Manager" window.

9. Enter your College of the Arts lastname# in the "Username" field.

10. Enter your College of the Arts password in the "Password" field.

11. Click the check box to the left of "SSH/SFTP" to enable sftp ( make sure the "SSH/SFTP" box is checked ).

12. Click the "Connect" button to connect to the class folder site.